Our Programme

The programme is structured in two stages with flexibility according to the client’s own needs/goals.  The first stage is heavily restricted to allow clients to settle and detach from the outside world. It then provides the opportunity to move towards independence and responsibility. The second stage works towards re-integration to society and independent living.  Aftercare is provided informally for life to all our clients with a formal service given to clients who relocate.

We offer 33 therapeutic activities in our care programme which are worked individually or in groups and these complement each other to address holistically the needs of our clients.  Key concepts we work are respect, trust and safety and the importance of healthy relationships explored in a series of workshops. Honesty, openness and willingness are the key principles we encourage for a successful recovery.

Placements can be 12 or 24 weeks depending on client needs.  Shorter placements may be considered in exceptional circumstances.

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First Stage

12 week programme.

This would suit women with less complex issues, who have access to the provision of continued aftercare support in their home area.

  • Tailored care plan
  • Integrated health care
  • Personal therapeutic key worker
  • One to one counselling sessions per week
  • Daily programme of group therapy – covering Steps 1, 2 and 3.
  • Written work
  • Life skills
  • Sport and leisure activities
  • Assistance to address financial/debt problems
  • Liaison with funding agencies and involved relevant professionals to plan safe departure and transition into their home community after completion
Second Stage

12 week programme.

This would suit women who have multiple complex issues that lie behind their dependency and have completed our first stage. It is designed for those who can access continued aftercare support in their home area or may wish to relocate. Voluntary work is available in the 2nd stage only.

  • As First Stage +
  • Improved physical health and/or mental health ready to tackle deeper personal issues
  • Work placements in house and in the wider community to prepare for abstinence based living
  • Voluntary work and/or educational courses to develop skills, learn new skills, build confidence and ability to interact
  • Relationships Course – delivered by a specialised women’s Life Coach
  • Assertiveness and confidence building training – specialised women’s Life Coach
  • Work Steps 4 and 5 within a safe, supported and trusted setting
  • Assistance to address financial/debt problems and will learn to budget
  • Visits to families etc and overnight stays at weekends

Outcomes for women who complete our programme

  • Effective recovery
  • Maintained abstinence
  • Healthier lifestyle
  • Sustained independent living
  • Restored family relationships
  • Housing
  • Employment

Specialist  Areas of Excellence

  • Complex needs for women
  • Physical / Emotional / Sexual Abuse / Eating Disorders / Dual Diagnosis
  • Specialist 1:1 Counselling and Group Therapy
  • Aftercare
  • Housing and Employment

We structure our therapeutic programme around the 12 Steps with psychosocial intervention of 1:1 counselling and CBT, Therapy Groups  including relapse prevention, Relationship Workshops, Life skills, Family intervention, Complementary therapies, Leisure and Sport activities, Attendance at mutual support groups, Peer support groups, Voluntary work, Education or training, Aftercare with access to housing and employment.

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