Hebron To Hebron Challenge

Hebron to Hebron challenge

Two staff are travelling from Hebron House in Norwich to Hebron Village in Wales (350miles) with no money and by any means or mode of transport necessary.

Skydiving for Hebron

Hebron Skydive

Christmas newsletter

Hebron Trust Christmas

Thank you to all our volunteers, friends, helpers , supporters and all who donated and gave at our events in 2017.

Winter newsletter

hebron house

Whats been happening! Hello to everyone and a big thank you to all our local churches who donated an incredible amount of harvest festival produce to us! We have had a busy Autumn and enjoyed our wonderful 30th Birthday party in September! Over 50 friends and partners attended including many Hebron graduates.

Celebrating 30 years!

Celebrating 30 years

I’m in my fourth year at Hebron and we are going from strength to strength. I enjoy my work and still find it immensely rewarding when another woman goes back out into the world to a great life in recovery.